Do you have a standards check coming up?. Waiting for the letter to drop through the letterbox or have you failed you last standards check or not happy with your grade call and I can help you.
19% of driving instructors fail the new Standards check that’s more then 1 in 6. The most common reasons for failing a standards check is Not Adapting a Lesson Plan. Poor Risk Management. And not offering suitable Teaching and Learning Strategies.

The Training I do is one to one and is designed to identify and remedy any weakness in your instruction. The first session is 2 hours and it would be ideal if you could take the learner you are taking on your stranded check.
On the first part I can analyse your teaching and see how you’re putting the seventeen competencies on the (sc1) into practices you will also get used to someone in the back of the car. The learner will also get used to having someone in the back of the car.
The second part would be one to one where I will Analysis the standards check (sc1) form with you and give you constructive feedback on how to get a grade A. I would show you how to use client centred learning.

  • coaching skills
  • scaling
  • effective questions techniques
  • lesson planning
  • risk management
  • and teaching and learning strategies.