Part 3 Rescue Training

If you have your part 2 or 3 test looming or have you just failed one then my Rescue Training is what you need. Done on a one-to-one basis I will assess your teaching skills and develop a structured lesson plan on how to improve on the Ares’s and topics required.

The new Standards check starts on the 2nd of October 2017 this will replace the old PST part 3 test you won’t be able to take the old test after the 2nd of October. We have everything in place for the new test starting and will be able to coach you to that new grade A.
I am very experienced in coaching having passed the BTEC 4 in coaching for driver development and also completed the train the trainer course with Tri-Coaching. Having sat the new Standards check myself getting a grade A. on my first attempt so there is no need to fear the new Standards check. I personally believe it is a change for the better so if you want free information and advanced or to book some training give me a call or email.