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For all your driver training needs. Standard tuition. Automatic. Instructor Training and Refresher courses

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Richard’s Driver Training

Specialist In the Aberdeenshire area with a proven track record for providing quality training for all your driver training needs including B+E Trailer, Car test including automatic and Instructor training.

With qualifications from I.A.M. DIAmond and R.O.S.P.A. allowing Richard to coach you on advanced driving techniques and aspects of driving which you may not have covered whilst learning to pass the standard driving tests

Going to tow a trailer?   Did you know

If you passed your car test after the 1st of January 1997 you are not entitled to tow a  large trailer e.g. hours box plant trailer car transporter building trailer boat trailer and some caravans. Richard driver training offers a trailer training course to qualify you to tow trailers up to 3500kg with over 1000 trailer tests to date and many years experience. Richard has a proven track record of providing quality training to business and individuals in Aberdeenshire


Tuition for Beginners

  • You must be 17 and have a valid Driving Licence to begin your driving lessons.
  • On your first lesson, you will be required to provide proof of your driving licence both photo card and paper counterpart. (this is a legal requirement).
  • I will also check your eyesight: you must be able to read a car number plate at a distance of 67′ (20.5m) you should also wear glasses or contact lenses if required.
  • You will also need suitable footwear (shoes with flat soles).
  • Your driving lessons will begin with a lesson plan and a briefing on a particular driving topic.
  • Each lesson will be tailored to suit your learning needs you will be given opportunities to ask questions and get feedback regarding your progress with regular progress reports. If you wish to revise a specific topic covered I can provide hand-outs on request.




Would you like to become a driving instructor?

Have you got what it takes to become a driving instructor.

A career as a driving instructor is an attractive prospect to many who are looking for a flexible business that they can run from home where you can be your own boss and work the hours you choose.

Whether working for yourself or as a franchise.

To become a driving instructor,

  1. You must have held a full licence for 4 years (a foreign or automatic licence can count towards the 4 years)
  2. Be able to read a vehicle number plate from a minimum of 27.5 metres (90 feet).
  3. Pass the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency 3-part driving instructor examination.
  4. You must not have been disqualified during the last 4 years, not even for one day.
  5. You must be of good character, with no current motoring or non-motoring convictions as these would be taken into account.

If your licence has penalty points (generally a maximum of 4) it is unlikely to affect your application. Penalty points already spent will not count. For more information and price please call on numbers below

To book your free consultation or got more infomation please call  01464 820894 or  07940 540960

All training at Richards Driver Training will be on a 1 to 1 basses and tailored for you
You can choose to pay-as-you-learn simply have as many or as few sessions as you need with free unlimited support and advice.

What does ORDIT mean?

ORDIT stands for the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers.

Why choose an ORDIT trainer?

ORDIT was established by the DVSA to help people wanting to become a driving instructor make a better, educated choice of trainer and avoid wasting money on substandard training. There are many instructors out there offering driving instructor training, however, many aren’t ORDIT registered. The DVSA published 41,633 active driving instructors in the UK, of which approximately only 500 are ORDIT registered. In order to be ORDIT registered, you must pass several inspections and have your training documents reviewed – including terms and conditions, refund policy, complaints procedure etc.

A trainer registered to the establishment should also pass a practical driver training inspection to ensure the quality of the training provided is satisfactory.


Why aren’t there more instructor trainers on the ORDIT register?

If the register was free and didn’t require any effort or quality training standards then more trainers would obviously apply to be on it. Many instructors don’t want to take the initial test and have ongoing inspections every 2 years. What does that say about the trainer or organisation?. Any instructor trainer that is serious about the industry and wants to provide the best possible standards should want to be on the ORDIT register. This way they can differentiate themselves from the 41,633 instructors across the UK. If you are looking to become an instructor, always ask the trainer or training establishment in question if they are ORDIT registered.

Choosing your instructor

Some people learn to drive with friends and relatives but with the busy traffic and complex rules on modern roads it’s wise for new drivers to have some lessons with a professional instructor, even if they have an opportunity to drive at home.

When looking for an instructor (in the UK and Ireland) make sure that the person you choose is a qualified ADI (Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor).

It is illegal for anyone who is not an ADI to charge a fee for driving tuition. If your Driving Instructor is not Displaying A Badge in Their Windscreen ask them to show it to you if they cannot show you there Badge Get out of The Car take The Car Registration Number and Report them to The DVSA (Driving and vehicle standards agency) and Police If you knowingly pay money to an unlicensed instructor you could also be liable for aiding an offence


Approved Driving Instructors have passed a searching examination in order to demonstrate their skills; they are also checked and graded regularly and have undergone a Criminal Records Check. You can recognise an ADI because he/she will display a green badge in the tuition vehicle’s front windscreen (this must be displayed by law while teaching).
Grading: On April 2014 the grading of Driving instructors was changed to 1 of 3 Grades (A 43 to 51) (B 31 to 42) and Fail if you score below 31. those who fail are given 2 more attempts’ to pass. If the instructor doesn’t manage at least a B during either of these attempts then they are removed from the register and unable to give Driving lessons.